Time to brush off the dust!

I had to blow the dust off this blog! LOL! I wanted to pop on here a minute and just give an update on what all I have been up to. We just moved in to a new home 4 weeks ago, so as you can imagine, we’ve been busy these last few months with selling our old home, building the new one, and of course packing and moving.  All with three young kids in tow. And now the process of settling in to our new home will take some time as well. I am planning to post about some of the projects I am working on around here this Summer, and any other fun happenings.

I am excited to announce that my friend Rachel is partnering up with me in this endeavor of Ida & Mae! So she is going to be sharing projects, tips, and ideas on here and the FB page as well. I am very happy to have her come alongside me, she is super talented and creative, and we are always sharing new things with each other and bouncing ideas back and forth. So it just made sense for us to partner up together! In the coming months as we start working on things and share ideas with you all, we will share more about the things Ida & Mae will be offering in the near future. We are excited and hope you will enjoy everything we have to share with you all!


Here is a photo of our new home from just before we closed on it. They hadn’t painted the front door yet (it is black). I will post a current one another time. I tried to upload one with the front porch showing the bench my husband built that I painted and distressed, but it won’t load for some reason. I’m still working out the kinks in using WordPress…..




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