Painted furniture project

My friend and I tackled a couple pieces of furniture together.  I had been wanting to get these done for a while, but that can be challenging when you have young children.  So her kids were able to watch my kids while she and I worked on these together, and got them done in half the time it would’ve taken me to do it myself.  This old desk is just a gem!  I have no idea how old it is or the history behind it, but I just love the character it has!  My husband had it when he lived in Ohio and brought it with him to Tennessee.  We’ve just hung on to it all these years, unfinished like that.  It has been sitting in our eat in kitchen/laundry area, which is painted yellow.  So I thought a fun robin’s egg blue/teal color would just make it pop!

After we painted two coats of the blue, we used a tinted glaze.  This one is mocha.  You just brush it on, let it dry just slightly, then wipe off as little or as much as you want with an old t-shirt.  And the end result is this awesome finish that makes it look like an aged piece.  I just LOVE how it turned out!!

This chest of drawers is an old piece from the 1960’s that I got off Freecycle.  It is going in my daughter’s room and will be used for the new baby’s clothing.  I have been really itching to get this one done before baby comes!  I painted it white, then used the mocha tinted glaze and I just love the end result!!  I am still painting the hardware, but I will post a photo when it is completely finished.

It was super easy, and fun, to do both of these pieces.  Now I have been looking around at my other furniture wondering what I can paint next!  Has this inspired you to paint any of your furniture?


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