Horsefeathers Gifts giveaway!!

**This giveaway is now closed.**

Today’s giveaway is by a very talented mother and daughter team.  Chelsea Farmer and her mother Tammy Asher are the creative forces behind Horsefeathers Gifts.  I first met Chelsea online via Facebook earlier this spring.  They made the drive from Kentucky down here to Tennessee for The Strawberry Patch barn sale.  I did not get to see them there, but they blogged about it and we started communicating online.  At that time they had a store front in Kentucky and they started selling my jewelry there.  But this summer they decided to close their store front and just focus on craft shows on their online shops. Which they are doing very well with I might add!  Here is a bit about them and their giveaway:

Chelsea Farmer

I am a slight hippie at heart.  I am obsessed with peace signs, animals & beads.  I studied at the Gemological Institute of America and I am always trying new ways of creating jewelry. I am not interested in creating “trendy” pieces; I am only interested in creating one- of- a -kind pieces that stand out in a crowd. Thanks to my wonderful husband I have been able to open my first store & I LOVE every stressful minute of it.  I love making things and I am constantly taking on more than the average person could handle, but thanks to redbull I can accomplish it all. 

Tammy Asher
In my world there is no such thing as junk.  I have been searching for and collecting what most people would throw away for about 20 years now. I love creating one-of-a-kind furniture, whimsical jewelry, and unique metal sculptures with everyday items found at your local flea market, backyard or barn. I’m an expert at turning junk into treasure. I studied metal sculpting at MCC in Omaha, NE.   I prefer jeans, t-shirts and cowboy boots over any other attire. I have a passion for horses and can’t go anywhere without my bubba keg full of green tea:) My goal is to help people create their own style one piece of junk at a time.

Horsefeathers Gifts is giving away a $25 shop credit to their Etsy shop!

To enter leave a comment telling me what you would spend the $25 shop credit on. Visit the shop HERE to see their goodies.
For extra entries (leave a separate comment for each):

Have fun and share this giveaway with your friends!

I will draw the winner on Friday.

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