A review of my new pots and pans

We celebrate our wedding anniversary, and my birthday, within a week of each other. This year my husband surprised me with a super nice gift!  A set of professional grade, stainless steel cookware!  I absolutely love them!!  So I wanted to share some photos of them with you, and tell you where you can score these great pots and pans for yourself.

These beautiful pots and pans are 5 ply stainless steel with a copper core for even heating.  The handles are bolted on (my prior set had screws which came loose often).  Nice solid handles, and lipped edges which make for easy and mess free pouring.  The name you see stamped on the bottom photo says Kirkland, which is the Costco brand.  Yep, you got that right, these professional grade pots and pans are put out by Costco!!  They got rave reviews from professional chefs who use some of the very expensive brand name sets already. So we were sold on them after learning about them.  They also come with a lifetime warranty. Does it get any better than that??

Now that I have been cooking with them for a couple of weeks, I can tell you that I give them 5 stars!!  I have used a cheap set of cookware for 12 years, and there is just no comparison.  Professional grade is where its at!

Now go get yourself a Costco membership and treat yourself to a new set of pots and pans! 🙂


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