My apologies Anthropologie

I’ve always heard so much about this store, and yet I did not even realize we had one in Nashville until a few months ago.  Oops!!  So I finally had an opportunity to stop in there and look around for a few minutes.  Very, very pretty stuff!  Both clothing and home decor items.  The prices are a bit high for me, but they do have a clearance section!  So maybe the next time I have a little spending money, I can take some time to dig through those racks.  I personally cannot justify spending $78 for ONE top.  I just can’t wrap my mind around that (just think of how many tops I can get from TJ Maxx for $78!!!!!)

I saw this dress inside and thought it was pretty, so I tried to snap a photo as we drove by (I did not dare try and take any photos inside the store, I am sure I would’ve been busted!)  Unfortunately I will not be purchasing this dress anytime soon, it costs $228. 🙂  But you can see a better photo of it below.

So now that I know we have an Anthro in Nashville, I will make a point to stop in every so often to look at the latest fashions.  And hit the clearance racks in search of that “gotta have it” deal!


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