Following Rachael Ray’s menu planner for a week

I am very excited to give this a try!  I’ve always wanted to do it, and now I am going to!  And I will take photos and blog about the whole experience.  I subscribe to Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine.  I have made several of her recipes and they have all been great.  I just received the March issue last week and I really liked all the recipes that were listed in the weekly menu planner.  So I am going to tear out the shopping list and buy everything I need for it this weekend and start the first meal on Sunday.  Here is the list of meals I will make:

Sunday- baked buffalo chicken with blue cheese salad
Monday- chicken and orzo soup
Tuesday- beef and mushroom tacos with avocado salad
Wednesday- stewed white beans with spinach and bacon
Thursday- orzo risotto with spring greens
Friday- tilapia with bell peppers and parsley-spiked couscous
Saturday- peppers ‘n’ potatoes beef skillet supper

Yummy!!  I will blog about each meal I make with photos included, and of course the recipe and our reviews of it.

Just as a disclaimer: I am not receiving any compensation from Everyday with Racheal Ray for doing this, I just simply wanted to do it for myself and share it with you all. 🙂


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