Remembering grandma Evelyn Mae

Last week Wednesday my grandma, who I just introduced you to a few posts ago, passed from this life to eternity with Jesus.  We knew that day was coming, but it never fully prepares you to say goodbye to your loved ones.  I was able to take Elise (my 19 month old) and fly up to Michigan to be with my family and attend her funeral.  It meant a lot to me to be there, the closure was exactly what I needed.  And even though I mourn her passing, and I miss her dearly, I have joy in my heart knowing that she is now with the Lord.  My last conversation with her on the phone confirmed all that for me.  She was at peace with God and was ready to go home to Him.  As a Christian, I rejoice knowing that I will see her again in heaven.

Relaunching my business with the new name, and during this new year, was just the perfect timing.  What a great way to honor my special grandma’s, who are now both at home with Jesus.  I wanted to share a sweet photo with you all that was taken in 2008 when my son Ronnie was almost one.  It is four generations; grandma, my dad, me and Ronnie.


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