Our first garden tomato!!!

Okay, now don’t laugh!  I know this thing is tiny, but you have no idea how excited Casey and I are to see something actually GREW in our garden!!!!!!  We had almost given up hope that we would get anything out of it, then suddenly, a few of the plants began to shoot up just a bit.  So we are now hoping for at least some tomatoes, green peppers, “maybe” (and that is a big maybe) green beans, and either squash or cantelope, not sure which it is.  I’ll post again when we have more food coming from the garden!
For those of you who may not follow my blog on a regular basis, my friend/neighbor Casey has pitched in with me on the garden this year.  Since I was pregnant when we started it, and due in May, I knew I could not do the garden by myself (Ron gave up after last year, LOL!) And Casey is due in September, so we are sharing the work load. 

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