Ronnie likes mama’s belly

Lately Ronnie has noticed my growing belly and he likes to touch it and pat it with his hands and ask “what’s that?”  It is too cute!  I’ve been telling him there is a baby inside, but he doesn’t understand that yet.  🙂



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5 responses to “Ronnie likes mama’s belly

  1. do you have a tatoo on your stomach? LOL…how's that fairing?

  2. Hello Dear….I've thinking about you and praying for you. Did the today's storm affect you all? When are you due?Addie

  3. That is my dolphin tattoo peeking out. 🙂 It has faired just fine, not stretched out or anything. It didn't with my first pregnancy either.Addie!! How are you??

  4. sweet! when i was pregnant with the donut, i wore a pendant in the shape of a heart that looked like a baby nursing. that helped he-man to understand the concept of the baby! 🙂

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